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Facts about high-quality dental carein China

Here's a hot tip. To date, Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and most EU passport holders are eligible for the Shenzhen visa. UK passport holders are currently eligible for the Shenzhen visa, although this status tends to change somewhat frequently. US passport holders are not eligible for the Shenzhen visa and nor are they likely to be in the near future.
If you are a UK passport holder and are planning a trip to the Peoples Republic of China, you will require a visa, your permit to be in the country. If you don't have one you will be refused entry at the passport control. The rules are strict, and you you must follow them exactly or you will not get your visa.
Foreigners have been targets of a number of scams when travelling in China. Often tourists are approached and invited for a massage, teahouse service, or to a cafe or bar nearby for various reasons including 'to practice English'. Afterwards the tourist is presented with a vastly inflated bill and is not permitted to leave until they pay the bill by credit card. Physical violence, including serious assault, and credit card skimming or duplication has occurred.
Hiring a cross-border van (from Transisland) will cost you quite a bit more money vs taking the train. In addition to Lo Wu, you can also cross the border at Lok Ma Chau Once you go through the formalities and enter China, they both connect to Shenzhen's subway and taxi stands.
Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) is famous for its numerous dining options, including some of the best Korean restaurants in Shenzhen. All are within easy walking distance from Hua Qiao Cheng (OCT) Metro Station, behind the recently opened InterContinental Shenzhen Hotel.

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